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School of Mathematics "Global Competency Enhancement Program for Kedah Students" Postgraduate Short Course Series (2022-014)

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课程题目(Title): Van Est theory

报 告 人(Speaker):Camilo Andres Angulo Santacruz


Abstract: Lie theory, understood as the relationship between global geometric structures and their corresponding infinitesimal counter-parts, has been a particularly useful and rich line of study. In 1986, van Est (1921-2002) published a novel proof of Lie’s third theorem, which he ascribed to Cartan (1869-1951) — the person who is credited with originally proving the theorem. Recall that Lie’s third theorem states that every Lie algebra has an integration, and is considered to be the most difficult of Lie’s theorems. In these talks, we will talk about integrate Lie 2-algebras to Lie 2-groups using Van Est theory.

Lecture Information

报告人简介:Camilo Andres Angulo Santacruz is a post doctor from Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil. He mainly study Poisson geometry and higher structures.