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Academic Exchange Programs of Sino-Russian Mathematics Center

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In order to stimulate communications and cooperation within the math community, Sino-Russian Mathematics Center (SRMC) welcomes mathematicians from all over the world to visit our center. The following is a general guideline for our academic exchange programs.

I. Visiting Program (within 1 Year)

1. Categories:

1) Short-term visit: one week to four weeks

2) Long-term visit: one month to one year

2. Expected participants:

We welcome excellent mathematicians from all countries to visit, combing domestic and foreign advantageous resources and strength, carrying out joint research around cutting-edge problems and conducting joint training of talents.

The center actively promotes the development of fundamental mathematics and applied mathematics and encourages cross-cooperation in various fields of mathematics.

We encourage young mathematicians to visit and cooperate with faculty members at Peking University.

3. Financial supports:

Financial support is provided on a daily basis for short-term visitors, and monthly basis for long-term visitors. The center provides office rooms, desktop computers, free internet services and accommodation for all successful applicants. Travel compensations may be possible depending on availability of funding.

4. Requirements:

Long-term visitors are required to submit a brief research report to the center within one month when they finished the visit. All the visitors are expected to acknowledge SRMC's support in their publications for the work carried out at the center.

5. Application materials:

1) Application form (Download:Visiting Program Application Form)

2) Curriculum Vitae

3) List of recent publications

II. Postdoc Program (2-3Years)

1. Subject Areas: Mathematics, mechanics

2. Requirements:

Ph.D. recipients with strong academic potential, such as having published excellent papers in international academic journals. Applicants should be no more than 35 years old in principle. (Applicants who have graduated with a doctor's degree within 4 years can obtain a postdoctoral certificate upon graduation; Applicants who have graduated for more than 4 years can apply for the position of research assistant.)

3. Position description:

The annual base salary of SRMC post-doctors is 200,000 RMB (before tax). Extra compensation may be possible depending on each applicant's condition.

4. Application materials:

1) Cover letter

2) Curriculum Vitae

3) Research Statement

4) Publication list

5) Two reference letters (the letters should be sent to SRMC directly by the referees)

III. How to apply

1) Please send all application materials to SRMC's email: sino-russian@math.pku.edu.cn

2) Application deadlines:


Application Deadline




Receive visits from June 2023 and beyond



Receive visits from December 2023 and beyond



Receive visits from April 2024 and beyond

3) All the applications will be approved by the special committee of the center, and further notice will be sent to the applicants by email.


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Email: sino-russian@math.pku.edu.cn

Address: Sino-Russian Mathematics Center, Peking University, Beijing 100871, P. R. China

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